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          Games that make you think.
          Exercise for your brain.
          Clean Content.
          Clean Design.
          Safe for kids.
          Let's all have some fun.
          Lots of it. Project 1:
			Inch Worm
			Inch Worm is an engaging maze puzzle game. Lead Inch home, past the cherries, acorns, snails, and ladybugs.
            There are 24 puzzles. The first few are fun for young players. The final puzzles are challenging even for adults.
			Success requires skills in logic, planning, problem solving, spacial relationships, and setting productive sub-goals. 
			Good luck!
			Coming Sept 2016 Download on the App Store More info Project 2:
			Inch Worm 2.0
			Use them to make bridges over the walls.
			They try to fly away. 
			It’s annoying. Your kids will love it. 
			Inch Worm 2.0
			Includes three complete series of puzzles:
			Inch Newbie, Inch Classic and Inch Master.
			'I love this game!' - Jack, Zoe
			'What I like about it: it’s tricky a little.' - Hazel
			'OK good. No. Not good.' - Aaron
			'Oh, man.' - Brian
			Coming November 2016 Download on the App Store More info Project 3:
		Traditional Peg Solitaire, plus:
        Gradually increasing difficulty.
	    Color (and shape) coded positions.
		30 puzzles. Ages 7 to adult.
		Coming spring 2017 Beta Test Project 4:
		Inch Worm 3.0
		Graphics: Inch has grown a little older and a lot cuter.
		Controls: You can play all 72 puzzles in any order.
		Bug fixes: A couple of gnarly bugs are gone. Download on the App Store More info Rick Meyers
          Educational technology.
          Interface design.
          iPhone app development.
          Rick is an industry veteran with years of experience at 
          Hewlett-Packard (late 70's), Apple (80's), Taligent (early 90's), 
          Meyers Labs (late 90’s), Aplia (00’s) and Cengage Learning (early 10's). 
          He lives and works in Santa Cruz, California.
          White Pixels is his retirement project. rick@whitepixels.com www.zoopz.com LinkedIn Blogger Twitter @ 2016 White Pixels. All rights reserved. Press. Privacy Policy. Press Privacy Policy