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Inch Worm is an addictive collection of 
				strategy puzzles for ages 6 to adult. Lead Inch home, past the cherries, acorns, leaves, snails, ladybugs and dragonflies.

				Success requires skills in planning, problem solving, logic and spacial relationships. Make some mistakes, and learn from them!

				Series 1: Newbie – 24 new puzzles for kids and beginners
				Series 2: Classic – 24 classic puzzles from Inch Worm 1.0
				Series 3: Master – 24 more puzzles that challenge all ages
Inch Worm
				“I love this game.”  –  Jack
				“What I like about it: it’s tricky a little.”  –  Hazel
				“OK good. No. Not good.”  –  Aaron
				“Oh, man.”  –  Brian
				Getting Stuck
				“I won the first one.”  –  Devan
				“Great. Now I’m stuck.”  –  Titus (with a smile)
				“Just to tell you, there’s a big trap.”  – Oliver
				“Oh, I trapped myself.”  –  Joey (with a smile)
				“I have an idea.”  – Sophia
				“I love cherries.”  –  Sophia
				“I need a snack first.”  –  Violet (before eating a cherry)
				“Grab that cherry at the beginning.”  –  Aidan 
				Acorns and Snails
				“The acorns are the hardest.”  –  Leif
				“I forgot I can’t go to the edge.”  – Zachary
				“Snails these days never listen!”  –  Simone
				“I know the secret.”  –  Emmy
				“I just have to plan things out.”  –  Elsie
				“There are actually two ways to get through!”  –  Charlie
				“I’m not going to tell you the answer. It’s pretty obvious.”  –  David
				“Finally. Took me long enough.”  –  Sean (big smile)
				Bottom Line
				“This game is actually quite fun.”  –  Titus
				“Addictive.”  –  Michelle, Matthew, Patti Download on the App Store
Special Needs
				We want everyone to be able to play.
				Color Blind: You can distinguish the blue, red, and yellow snails, ladybugs, and homes by the shape of their little dots. That’s all you need to know.
				Non-Readers: Reading isn’t necessary to play. Tell your non-readers to lead Inch home. Obey the one-way signs. Eat the cherries. 
				Push the acorns out of the way. Push and pull the snails and ladybugs to homes that match their color. Or just let them figure it out.
				Autism Spectrum: Every child is different. It’s OK to lead Inch around all day long. There’s no timing involved. 
				The early puzzles are relatively easy. Later puzzles require planning. There’s always the “Go Back” and “Try Again” buttons.
				Mobility Impairments: You only need to tap on the squares to play. There’s no multi-touch or gestures. There’s no timing involved.
				The tap areas are about one-eight the width of the screen. Obviously things are bigger on the tablets. Tap “Go Back” if you occasionally miss.
				And please, let us know how it goes for you.
Our Philosophy
				Play is a big part of how kids learn. Our brains, like our muscles, need exercise and challenges. We’re here to help. White Pixels. Better games. Smarter kids.
				Good Clean Fun
				Inch Worm was designed with kids in mind. It’s safe, non-violent, and ad free. There are no in-app purchases. There are no links to outside content.
				White Pixels is a one-person company, with a good collection of volunteer helpers. 
				I’m a veteran software engineer with years of experience at Hewlett-Packard, Apple, Aplia, and Cengage Learning. 
				White Pixels is my retirement project. I love kids, and want to challenge them to stretch their brains. The more kids I can reach the better.
				I’m particularly interested in helping kids with special needs. Inch Worm was designed with them in mind. I’d love to hear how it’s helped your kids (or not).
				Rick Meyers
Inch Worm FAQs
				Why an inchworm?
				I like the way they move. 
				What devices will run Inch Worm?
				You’ll need iOS 9.0 or later on any of these devices:
				• iPad 2nd generation or later
				• iPad Air, iPad mini, or iPad Pro
				• iPod Touch 5th generation or later
				• iPhone 4s or later
				What about Android?
				No. Sorry. We’re an Apple shop. But anyone can play our classic online games at zoopz.com.
				What are your age recommendations?
				Ages 6 to adult. Upper elementary and middle school kids love it. Early readers will likely be fine on their own. 
				Pre-readers may enjoy the first dozen Inch Worm puzzles with some help. 
				Try not to coach too much. Kids prefer iPads. Adults get addicted.
				Can I skip around between the various puzzles?
				Yes. Just tap the settings icon in the lower left corner. 
				Then choose the series you’d like to tackle, then use the left and right arrows to select the puzzle you’d like to solve next.
				Can we get more puzzles?
				Make sure you’ve got the latest version. It includes 72 puzzles organized in three series. 
				Have you made any other games?
				Yes. Pegs by White Pixels will help you learn to solve the classic puzzle peg solitaire.
				Also check out the retro-style online games at zoopz.com. Games that make you think. 
				Does Inch Worm get synced between my various devices?
				No. Each device remembers exactly where you are in the game on that device. This allows different family members to be playing on different devices at the same time. 
				How can I report a bug?
				Please send an email to rick@whitepixels.com. Tell me what you where doing, and what went wrong. Let me know what device you were using, and the OS version. A screen shot might really help me figure things out. Thanks.