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Inch Maker by White Pixels

Inch Maker

Make your own Inch Worm strategy puzzles. Learn the ropes. Then position the walls, arrows and homes. Add acorns, cherries, leaves, snails, ladybugs, and dragonflies. Solve your own puzzles.

Get some mental exercise. It’s all about critical thinking. Problem solving. Planning. Design. Where to start. What to avoid. Some kids think it all through. Other just go for it. Make some mistakes. Go back. Try again. It’s all good. And loads of fun.

13 blocks • 13 characters • 30 levels

Ages 7 to adult.

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Designed for Kids

Inch Maker is fun for everyone, but it was designed with kids in mind. It’s safe, non-violent, and ad-free. It runs offline. There are no in-app purchases, and no links to outside content.

Designed for the Classroom

Inch Maker is all about design, implementation, testing, planning, problem solving, logic and critical thinking. It’s great fun to make puzzles, then exchange devices so others can try to solve them. Students can swipe between the levels, to pick up where they left off last time they played. You can completely reset the game in just two taps, so it’s ready for the next class.

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Designed for Special Needs

Inch Maker was designed with special needs in mind. There’s no timing involved, so kids on the autism spectrum can proceed at their own pace. The critters and homes are distinguished by both color and the shape of their little dots, so color blindness is never an issue. Game play only requires tapping, so people with mobility impairments will have an easier time. And there’s always “Go Back” and “Try Again”, so everyone can easily recover from any mistakes.

And please, let me know how it goes for you.

Enjoy the game!

Rick Meyers


Inch Maker FAQs

Why did you create Inch Maker?

I loved designing the puzzles for Inch Worm, and thought you should have a turn. Creating puzzles requires a whole new level of understanding of the rules.

What are your age recommendations?

Inch Maker is for everyone, ages 7 to adult.

What devices will run Inch Maker?

Inch Maker runs on iOS 9.0 or later on any of these devices:

iPad (2nd generation or later)

iPad Air, iPad mini, or iPad Pro (all models)

iPod Touch (5th generation or later)

iPhone (4s or later)

What about Android?

No. Sorry. We’re an Apple shop.

Can I skip around between the various puzzles?

Yes. Just swipe left and right. Your work on each level is automatically saved.

Does Inch Maker get synced between my various devices?

No. Each device remembers exactly where you are in the game on that device. This allows different family members to be playing on different devices at the same time.

Have you made any other games?

Yes. There's Inch Maker, Pegs, and Rings. Inch Maker is the sequel to Inch Worm. Pegs will help you learn to solve the classic puzzle peg solitaire. Rings is a collection of unique, colorful transport puzzles.

How can I report a bug?

Please send an email to rick@whitepixels.com. Tell me what you where doing, and what went wrong. Let me know the device you were using, and the OS version. A screen shot might really help me figure things out. Thanks for your help.