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Can you solve the classic puzzle game Peg Solitaire? 
				Pegs will help. It starts out easy, then gets much harder. Peg Solitaire is the final level. 
				In the early levels you’ll discover how to clear nearby groups of pegs. Think hard about the colors and shapes; they matter. 
				You’ll see some hints if you get stuck. And you’ll get some warnings when you’re about to go off the rails.
				It’s all about critical thinking. Problem solving. Where to start. Subgoals. What to avoid. Have at it. Make some mistakes. Go back. Try again. It’s all good.
				30 puzzles. Ages 7 to adult. Download on the App Store
Our Philosophy
				Play is a big part of how we learn. Our brains, like our muscles, need exercise and challenges. We’re here to help. White Pixels. Better games. Smarter kids.
				Good Clean Fun
				Pegs was designed with kids in mind. It’s safe, non-violent, and ad-free. There are no in-app purchases. There are no links to outside content.
				White Pixels is a one-person company, with some volunteer helpers. 
				I’m a veteran software engineer with years of experience at Hewlett-Packard, Apple, Aplia, and Cengage Learning. 
				White Pixels is my retirement project. I love kids, and want to challenge them to stretch their brains. The more kids I can reach the better.
We want everyone to be able to play.
				Color Blind: The pegs are distinguished by both shape and color, so color blindness is never an issue.
				Non-Readers: There is nothing to read. Some simple animations help you learn the game.
				Autism Spectrum: Every child is different. They can proceed at their own pace. 
				There’s no timing involved. Levels can be played in any order. The early puzzles are relatively easy. Later puzzles get much more challenging. 
				And there’s always the “Go Back” and “Try Again” buttons.
				Mobility Impairments: You only need to tap to play. There’s no timing involved. The tap areas are about one-eight the width of the screen. 
				Tap the “Go Back” icon if you occasionally miss.
				And please, let us know how it goes for you.
				Rick Meyers
Pegs FAQs

				Why Pegs?
				I’ve been fascinated by the classic game Peg Solitaire for several years. Pegs will help you learn to solve Peg Solitaire. 
				It includes a series of puzzles that get gradually harder, color (and shape) coded pegs, warnings and hints. I hope this all helps!

				How about some instructions?
				It’s easy. Every move is a jump. Tap a peg, then tap it’s new location. Remove all the pegs. Leave the final peg (or pegs) in the home positions. That’s it.

				What are your age recommendations?
				Pegs is for everyone, ages 7 to adult. Reading isn’t required.

				What devices will run Inch Worm?
				Pegs runs on iOS 9.0 or later on any of these devices:

				• iPad (2nd generation or later)
				• iPad Air, iPad mini, or iPad Pro
				• iPod Touch (5th generation or later)
				• iPhone (4s or later)

				What about Android?
				No. Sorry. We’re an Apple shop. But anyone can play our classic online games at zoopz.com.

				Can I jump around between the levels?
				Yes. Just swipe left and right. Your work on each level is automatically saved.

				Does Pegs get synced between my various devices?
				No. Each device remembers exactly where you are in the game on that device. 
				This allows different family members to be playing on different devices at the same time. 

				Have you made any other games?
				Yes. Try Inch Worm by White Pixels in the iTunes App Store. Kids might also enjoy the 
				retro-style online games at zoopz.com. Games that make you think.

				How can I report a bug?
				Please send an email to rick@whitepixels.com. Tell me what you where doing, and what went wrong. iPad, Touch, or iPhone? What model and what OS version? A screen shot might really help me figure things out. (Press the home button and power button at the same time for the screen shot. It will show up in your photos.) Thanks for your help.